The briccola

unique and inimitable wood

Ships, boats and gondolas have always crossed the canals of Venice, the city on water, which has been a hub of maritime trade for centuries. To easily sail the waters of the lagoon and ensure the orderly flow of traffic, highly resistant and safe wooden poles were semi-submerged, taken from the woods of the nearby mountains: the so-called “bricole” (or “briccole”).

The bricole have become not only the silent witnesses of the passage of time and of Venetian life, but also the guardians of this magical city. However, the water of the lagoon, tides and shipworms, i.e. molluscs that feed on wood, weaken these poles to the point that they have to be replaced to ensure the safety of seafarers: this is how the “bricola” can take on a new look, that of a work of art.

Each layer of the “bricola”, which is cut up into sections, is unique and rare and selected on the basis of its artistic effect: in fact, shipworms feed on wood, decorating it with circular galleries and creating unusual shapes, which certify the uniqueness of each product in a natural way.

Detail of the painting Pal dei Dogi - unique artwork

Pal dei Dogi

Water, wood and glass come together to create a new and amazing work of art: a unique piece of Venice that you can take home with you.