The history

Venice: water, wood and glass

Venice, one of the world’s most unique cities, suspended on water and dotted with magnificent palaces, bridges and “calli” (narrow streets): this magical place, where time seems to have stopped, is filled with art and wonder. The pink hues of sunrise and sunset reflected in the lagoon, the silence of the city at night and the scents of the canals are quite impressive.

Venice is characterised by three elements: water, wood and glass, which come together to create an exclusive heritage that is always impressive.

Since time immemorial, one of these elements has played a significant aesthetic role, but also a functional role: in fact, wood, has the specific purpose of showing the many boats sailing the Venetian lagoon and canals every day which waterway to take.

However, the constant passage of boats and ships inevitably causes wood rot, so the poles are altered in a different and unique way each time.

The bricola

A silent witness to the flow of Venetian life and history, the “bricola” also embodies the magic of the city: unique wood carved by the water of the lagoon.


The bricola in Venice

Pal dei Dogi

Water, wood and glass come together to create a new and amazing work of art: a unique piece of Venice that you can take home with you.