Pal dei Dogi

Unique Venice creation

PAL DEI DOGI was born from the idea to turn worn “bricole” (or “briccole”) into paintings, exclusive works and real pieces of Venice that can be taken home: through a special processing method, the “bricola” is cut up into sections and each layer is therefore different and unique. The artistic effect is due to the slow and natural action of salt water, sea breezes and the attack of shipworms, which are molluscs that feed on wood, creating amazing decorative shapes.

But also, glass, the best support and complement of wood: the transparency of this material, similar to that of water, highlights natural decorations and hidden details.

Technical details

The PAL DEI DOGI paintings are special memories of Venice, provided with a certificate of authenticity with serial number ensuring that the “bricola” comes from the Venetian lagoon.

glass and wood

400 x 800 mm  |  400 x 1200 mm  |  400 x 1800 mm

Glss Thickness:
11 mm

Glass Colours:
transparent  |  grey  |  bronze  |  green  |  black

Additional informations:

  • Include four steel supports for wall mounting.
  • Warranty certificate.


The process

Unique processing



Pal dei Dogi is the outcome of the selection and processing of unique pieces, inimitable because of their precious imperfection: their perforated and striped shape is the result of the wear caused by the water of the lagoon and, like scratched leather, certifies the authenticity of the product.



Through a specific artisanal lamination process, the sheared “bricola” is inserted into two pieces of glass manufactured by experienced master glassmakers.



In this way, an exclusive work of art is produced, which, with its water-like transparency, enhances the grains of this wood, which is none other than the soul of Venice.

Limited and Certified

To guarantee its originality and authenticity, the production identification number is stamped on the back of each Pal dei Dogi.